Monday, October 19, 2009

Ladies Prep's

Ladies prep's.

Hello Ladies:

I am here to help “assist” if I can, in some basic preps. Living in our own homes we tend to be very comfortable with our “daily” routine. Shower, blow dryers, make up, iron. Etc…. however, should the time come and TSHF… these “daily” routines will change dramatically. We will no longer be able to have our “daily” shower with our beauty products. Here are some simple items that should be in your prep boxes. This is what my personal kit contains. Now what I have done is gone to the local dollar store ( god knows there is one in almost every place you are and certain items it is great) Most of my preps are “travel” size. You don’t want to be carrying to much heavy stuff. Especially if you are moving about with kids. ( see kids sections for some great ideas)

1. Can of dry shampoo. Yes, they do make it. Most of the major chain pharmacy’s carry it. It is called PSSSST. It works great. The hospitals use it.

2. Feminine products. Please stock up on those. Tampons have many other uses as well.

3. Deodorant. I have several on hand just in case.

4. Bar soap. Now, I know most of us use the “liquid bath soap” however, that will not be in supply when needed.

5. Baby wipes and plenty of them. I go to the dollar store and stock up on them You can use them to “wash up “ in a hurry, lack of toilet paper. They especially work well when you have your period and there is no access to “daily “ showers.

6. If you have long enough hair to put up.. Keep plenty of scrunches around. I have a box of hair ties, bandanas etc…

7. At least 4 plastic disposable razors. They are also used for many different things then just shaving.

8. Sunscreen, It can actually double as a moisturizer for those who really must have it.

9. I also have packed sports bras in my bag, few pair of undies.

10. I also carry plenty of travel size naproxen ( I buy Walmart Brand) . It doubles as an anti inflammatory and pain killer.
You can pack your preps with your own products and what you see fit for you as an individual. Just remember stock up with preps, but make sure what YOU need to carry is not bulky or to heavy….especially if you are on the move.

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.

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