Sunday, December 6, 2009


LBE and Contents.

Before I start and I know some will ask what this is LBE = load bearing equipment.
This is what the military use to carry there equipment and is also known as web gear & webbing.
Before you all go out running to the nearest army navy store or going online and ordering the newest web gear out there you need to ask yourself a few questions.
Questions like what will you be using it for ? How much do you want to spend ? Do I really need that " special forces look a like " LBE ? You get the idea I hope.
If you are going to be looking to be involved in a firefight ( god bless you ) you would mainly think of only the basic’s like water a little food and then the rest would be ammunition.
However most of us will be using web gear as a add on to a BOB ( bug out bag see earlier posting) it will be designed to carry extra water, survival equipment, personal defense gear and a few other bits and pieces.
Everyone’s web gear is different from one person to another unless SOP states all web gear is to be the same. When you first look at a set of web gear you need to look at what you will be carrying and what size each object is. Then you basically just add pouches to the basic rig you buy. I would recommend at least 2 ammunition pouches just because this will be needed for personal defense. You really should carry at least 2 water bottles with a metal mug that fits onto one of the water bottles. A pouch should be designed just to carry survival gear. If you have room put a pouch with a drinks pack and 24hrs of food. Also add a good knife, a small first aid kit, a small hand saw, and most importantly some boiled sweets. Boiled sweets really help when you are tired and need to get a little boost. Many times have I been on long “ walks “ and these sweets have helped me.

This is a list of what I carry in my web gear.

Front right ammo pouches:
Reserve ammo

Rear right water bottle pouch:
Water bottle
Metal mug

Middle rear water bottle pouch:
Drinks pack
Survival ration
Magnesium block

Left rear water bottle pouch:
Water bottle
Fishing kit
First aid kit

Front left ammo pouch:
Main ammo ( both pouches )

Lucozade sweets
Primary survival kit
Nomex gloves
Swiss army knife
Secondary survival kit
SAS survival manual
Electrical tape x2 rolls
Karabiners x2
Aluminum foil
Survival knife

If you have any questions arising from any of the posting we have made then feel free to email us and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.