Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long Term Prep's

Long term prep’s.

Long term prep’s are basically a extended BIGGER version of the short term prep’s you have already put aside . However this will be made to last a very long time and the quantities you will be putting aside will be a lot bigger.

For example some people put aside in mylar bags over 200 lbs of white rice, pasta, or beans. This is poured from the original packaging into a new mylar bag and then some o2 absorbers are thrown in then you seal the opening. This if done properly will make the contents last unopened for many YEARS yes I said years.

Most people put the empty mylar bag into a 5 gallon bucket, pour in the contents they want to stock up on, put the o2 absorbers in then seal it , then they put the lid on to it and then just stack it up somewhere out of the way.
Things that can be put into mylar is basically anything …

however some items you don’t want to put the o2 absorbers into. Sugar and flour both turn into a giant block if you put o2 absorbers in to it. So these can just be squeezed top get most of the air out then sealed up. Or buy a mill and put aside wheat grain … which you can at a later time grind down into flour.

Other load term prep’s should be seeds non-hybrid so you can get the seeds from them the following year. As no mater what or how much you store it will run out sooner or later so you really should think about being able to grow your own food at some stage. You can buy if you look on the internet tinned seeds … in each tin you get packets of different types of non-hybrid seeds.

I hope this helps in some way, and please remember that this is just a quick guide. If you have any questions arising from any of the posting we have made then feel free to email us and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

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