Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short Term Prep's

Short term Prep’s.

Short term preps are exactly what you think they are.
They are what you personally think a short term event timescale might be, be it 1 week or 3 months.
The best things to put into a short term prep’s tote would be tins of foods you would normally use on a day to day basis be it tins of beans, fruit, spam … whatever. You then need to stock up on the other normal things like paper goods ( napkins, plates, etc ) Toilet paper is a MUST!

Beware that what goods you put in the short term tote MUST be rotated though the normal things you buy so it does not go out of date. As there is nothing worst then finding out all your prep’s when you need them most are out of date and are now useless.

Things like water can be stacked up in the case in a corner of a basement or somewhere you wont fall over it in a hurry. Remember 1 gallon of water per person per day for drinking IF they are not doing a heavy workload! In cases of a heavy workload increase to 2 gallons per day. This does not include water to flush the toilet!

Look for tins of things you eat that are on sale … thanksgiving, Christmas, spring sales are great times to get really good deals. When you next make dinner for your family look at how many servings you use of what, then add a tin to what you would normally eat and then you have a measure of how much per main meal you have to put away.

Remember to add a tin opener to the tote just in case you misplace your main one. ;)

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kid's Prep's

Kids Prep's.

Hi There Mom’s and Dads

First of all, I am dedicated to the safety and well being of my family and daughter. The most important thing for me is to make sure that she will have everything she needs to A) keep her entertained. B) warm and safe. This is my idea of what I have put together for my daughter who is now 10 years old. Please remember when you are prepping for your children that you are prepped for age appropriateness. I can only suggest that if you have children of older ages, that they be very involved with preps. Our daughter is. She has assisted with our food preps as well.

1. put aside some “older” sweatshirts for her. Ones that they will not miss.. HAHAH..
2. I have actually put away one or two of her dolls.
3. I have a collection of coloring books ( dollar store)
4. Crayons. They are especially cheap now that kids are getting ready to go back to school. I just bought 4 boxes at Wal-Mart for .25 cents each. Can not beat that!!!
5. Batteries ( all sizes)
6. I have purchased a sleeping bag ( adult size.. These kids grow to freaking fast for me.. Hahah)
7. From the dollar store, I have put together an arts and crafts box for her as well. Again, all different things she enjoys doing.
Theory is this. If the kids are “entertained” we as parents can go on doing what we need to do to make sure everything is in order. As most parents can agree, the last thing we need or want are kids who are fighting, cranky, etc…

8. I actually put one of my daughters stuffies in the box as well. One she enjoys sleeping with. She has many others, so I knew if I ‘”RELOCATED” one or two she would not miss it. Hahah. Most kids don’t with all the stuff they have.


A. baby wipes again… plenty of them.
B. feminine products if your child is at that stage of the game.
C. soap for the kids.. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and can not use just any products, so what she needs I have actually stocked up on. ( just remember to make sure you have spread sheet of what you have and there expiration dates. What I do is review it monthly and rotate if need be)
D. If your child is in diapers.. STOCK the up. If time comes, they will be very hard to come by. My suggestion is if you are seeing that what you have in the house is starting to get snug, bring out what you have in preps and buy bigger size. Especially for those kids who are potty training.
E. I would say to the parents of smaller children ages 0-4 … have an extra play pen put aside as well. If need be and your bug out area is of unknown territory at first, this way you can keep your kids closer to you.
F. If they are of reading age, I would suggest books that they can read, not many of course do to weight. However , my daughter is into her “teen beat” magazines, and even thou she has read them, I have put them away. You never know when one might come in handy.

This is a working progress for all. Please feel free to join our site and make as many recommendations as you like. This in the long run helps all of us out.

Ladies Prep's

Ladies prep's.

Hello Ladies:

I am here to help “assist” if I can, in some basic preps. Living in our own homes we tend to be very comfortable with our “daily” routine. Shower, blow dryers, make up, iron. Etc…. however, should the time come and TSHF… these “daily” routines will change dramatically. We will no longer be able to have our “daily” shower with our beauty products. Here are some simple items that should be in your prep boxes. This is what my personal kit contains. Now what I have done is gone to the local dollar store ( god knows there is one in almost every place you are and certain items it is great) Most of my preps are “travel” size. You don’t want to be carrying to much heavy stuff. Especially if you are moving about with kids. ( see kids sections for some great ideas)

1. Can of dry shampoo. Yes, they do make it. Most of the major chain pharmacy’s carry it. It is called PSSSST. It works great. The hospitals use it.

2. Feminine products. Please stock up on those. Tampons have many other uses as well.

3. Deodorant. I have several on hand just in case.

4. Bar soap. Now, I know most of us use the “liquid bath soap” however, that will not be in supply when needed.

5. Baby wipes and plenty of them. I go to the dollar store and stock up on them You can use them to “wash up “ in a hurry, lack of toilet paper. They especially work well when you have your period and there is no access to “daily “ showers.

6. If you have long enough hair to put up.. Keep plenty of scrunches around. I have a box of hair ties, bandanas etc…

7. At least 4 plastic disposable razors. They are also used for many different things then just shaving.

8. Sunscreen, It can actually double as a moisturizer for those who really must have it.

9. I also have packed sports bras in my bag, few pair of undies.

10. I also carry plenty of travel size naproxen ( I buy Walmart Brand) . It doubles as an anti inflammatory and pain killer.
You can pack your preps with your own products and what you see fit for you as an individual. Just remember stock up with preps, but make sure what YOU need to carry is not bulky or to heavy….especially if you are on the move.

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.