Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bug out bag's and contents

Bug out bag’s and contents.

Ok first thing you are going to ask is what is a bug out bag and what is its purpose . Well the answer is easy a bug out bag is exactly what the name says … it’s a bag that you grab when you have to bug out of a location . Aka a grab bag… this bag is meant to keep you alive and fed until you can get to your nearest cache of supplies.
Remember this bag is meant to be lightweight so you can move quite quickly while carrying it.
Anyway here is a basic contents of what you COULD put in it.
This is for a adult to carry … children should carry a extremely lightweight version of below… water / food / warm clothes / survival bag only!

Sample contents…
Bottles of water ( 4/5 )
A survival bag and /or a space blanket
MRE’s / food ( 4 )
Primary survival kit
Full change of clothes
Small wash kit
KFS ( knife fork spoon )
Metal mug
warm hat and gloves
A warm lightweight jacket
Ammuntion for your personal defence weapon
A cleaning kit for your weapon
Map and compass
F.A.K ( small first aid kit )
Mess tin
Bug spray
Drinks pack
Web gear
Waterproof jacket / trousers ( if warm jacket above not waterproof )
Any personnal vital medications
A small radio
A couple of tins of pet food if you intend on bringing your pet with you if you bug out.

This is just a example of what you COULD put in a bug out bag … in real life it is really down to personal choice what goes in the bag and what is carried by whom.

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