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So this morning I was going to post about water purification but then I find out that I had no water in my house what so ever! so on top of posting about water purification I am going to post about what you can do if you come across this type of situation.
Safe drinking water is a MUST have in a survival situation . So you need to have approx 1-2 gallons of water per person per day.
This is not enough if you are in a hot climate or are doing a lot of manual heavy work. As the body needs more water in this type of situation. Anyway if you find like I did that one day you have no water first things first you switch off the mains water so it doesn’t get drawn back into the main water line. Now tell everyone in family whom live in house to stop an think before they flush the toilet etc.
Now drain the hot water tank as there will be no cold water pressure to push the water around the house so drain the tank into containers that can be sealed tight. Now you have X amount of safe drinking / washing water.
You can remove the top of the toilet cistern so you can pour dirty water onto there to help flush the toilet. if possible use water that has been used to wash with, so it is not a waste. So anyway on with my next posting.

Water purification.

Okay this topic is IMPORTANT let me say that again this topic is IMPORTANT!!! .

If you mess this up in training the worst you’ll get is a bad stomach bug but in a survival situation this could mean your death! So I’d recommend you practice this over and over again!
But who am I to tell you what to do ;)
First things first it is possible to make drinking water from any water source. However I personally would recommend you stick to rivers or fast moving streams as these are easier to make into safe drinking water. However the following way works on most water sources.
You will need 3 large pieces of material the tighter weave the better and some string and 3 1“ thick 5 ft long branches.
Push the ends of each branch into the ground as much as possible.
Tie the ends together to make a teepee shape.
Now tie at different heights the 3 pieces of cloth so they sag slightly in the middle making them layer above each other.

Now you have 2 options you can either just use this as it is by pouring the water SLOWLY onto the top piece of material until all the water has been put into it… now place your CLEAN container underneath the lowest layer of material and wait.
Once the water has dripped thru the 3 layers of material into your clean container you then boil this water for 3 minutes then leave to cool and then you have safe drinking water.

Option 2 is to put sand into the second layer of material and charcoal into the lower layer with leaves and grass in the top layer. Then do as above and pour the water in. The sand / charcoal / leaves and grass help filter the water more then without them but either way will work.
Now after all this if you are still unsure of the water put in a water purification tablet … shake the container with the tablet inside and follow the instructions on the bottle. But remember these tablets are a rare resource so in a survival situation they are to be used sparingly.
Now this is just a brief outline of how to do this using just one way. There are also many other ways to make safe drinking water. I would suggest you learn at least 2 other ways.
I hope this helps you in some way.

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.

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