Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making Shelter

Making shelter.

Most people have some sort of tent so making shelter is really easy for them … however for the rest of us we have many more options which are in some cases better.
I speak of a simple 12 x 12 ft tarp ( or bigger ). Yes a tarp!
This can be set up in a many ways as you can think of, from a simple tying the corners to 4 trees and tying a small smooth stone to the underside up in the middle then attaching a piece of cord to that so it raises the middle so if it rains it simply runs off! To making a complex shape which includes windbrakes and a ground sheet! The only limitations are your lack of creativity.
All you really need is atleast 1 good tree !
And once you need to break camp you can just roll up the tarp and walk away. No need for tent poles and other fancy equipment you just need some cord and tent pegs with a small hammer.
Once you compare the weight and the other uses that the tarp to the tent have you will see that the tarp has several advantages over the tent. ( unfortunately I cannot post any pics on the blog … not sure if it is even possible but im looking into it … to show you what can be made )

Please feel free to join this blog and add more to the list to help each other out.

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