Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here is where everyday local families can meet and mingle and share ideas and concerns of our current economical times and other issues. We are all concerned about loss of employment, loss of housing, etc. Together, we can "prepare" ourselves, our families, for any necessary changes in our lives that might occur. Being prepared doesn't cost a fortune and does not take a lot of time. It is as easy as doing your normal food shopping and adding on an additional can or two of your families favorite thing. It is as simple as spending a day in the kitchen with the kids and making your own jam's or your own sauces.

There are many way's of being "prepared" for almost anything.

Please understand... WE ARE NOT.. a Militia Group. We are NOT against our Government, we are NOT a cult,.. Again, we are just friends and families getting together making sure that we are secured for what "ever" comes our way.

Any information obtained, is that of "OPINION" only. We are NOT responsible for anyone but ourselves. We are NOT lawyers, Law Enforcement, etc... So please, check with your local Law Enforcement authorities for any clarification that you might need. We are all here on a voluntary basis, there is NO ONE saying you should or should not be here. However, by choosing to be here, is one step closer to being prepared

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